General floorplan

Starting with a clean slate, all your ideas and requirements get ample space. Your fitout opportunities in Roosevelt are endless and your creativity can soar here. Just print out this page, and start sketching your dream office layout. For inspiration, please scroll down to 3 different layout types.

Cellular office plan

Mixed layout

Open space arrangement

New office standards

Reinvented standards of comfort & style

The quality of the fitout in Roosevelt is always stunning. With new standards introduced in 2016, a new level of professionalism was reached in terms of creating inspiring, energizing and welcoming office areas with new colors and finishes, using state-of-the-art materials and technologies. Office interiors feature above average clear heights and solid raised floors, openable windows, modern light fixtures, and premium hardwood floors and carpet tiles in all shades and patterns imaginable. A Roosevelt office always reinforces the positive image of your company. The reaction you get from visitors entering your space will certainly confirm this.

Fine materials, sophisticated details

Standard and top quality carpets, hardwood floors and built-in furniture materials all feature a wide array of colors, patterns and textures to choose from. To see, touch and feel them, the Roosevelt team invites you to the showroom for a consultation where you can select the perfect materials together for your dream office.