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Discover Roosevelt, a premium building at a prime UNESCO World Heritage location, a unique gem among Budapest office complexes. Explore the breathtaking views, wide range of services, excellent technical features, sustainable solutions, and the international green building certification options for your premises. Enjoy the rejuvenated interiors, the lively CBD neighborhood, and all the perks of our loyalty program. Organize your next event in our modern conference center. 

Prime location

Within a couple of meters from the river Danube and the Chain Bridge, set against the beautifully restored historic backdrop of Széchenyi István tér, Gresham Palace, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and St. Stephen’s Basilica, Roosevelt offers the ideal corporate environment for your business to prosper.

Technical quality

The 29,000 sqm 9-story office building is equipped with top quality built-in materials and 21st century technical solutions. With a well-defined focus on sustainability, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly options are preferred (building management, lighting, water use, automated systems, resources).

Premium services

Roosevelt features complex, tenant-focused building services with the main objectives of comfort, beauty and safety. It also houses a self-service restaurant, a coffee shop, a sushi place, three bars, a bank branch, a private hospital, a travel agency, a conference center, a club, and an ATM. 


Choose your ideal office

Every organization has its unique way of operating, with different settings for individual tasks, collaboration or representation. Roosevelt - with its large floorplates and flexible fitout options - offers tailored solutions from cellular and open space concepts to other modern, activity-based layouts, all perfectly in line with the tenant's expectations.

A complete rejuvenation

As part of the building's major overhaul in Q4 2016, a multitenant reception was created with a refreshing new design, and the lobby common areas acquired a new level of functionality and aesthetics. The rebirth of Roosevelt office building is also evident in the new office standards, carefully redefined by the Landlord with maximum tenant satisfaction in mind.